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About Us

Bonafide Voices - 

Borne from a simple thought - to stimulate further thoughts

Bonafide wish is to 

  • Provide a collective platform to share happenings, experiences, values, views, reviews,  and multiple lines of thinking

  • Develop  kaleidoscopic vision of world around us through multi disciplinary examination of micro or macro issues

  • Percolate value orientation

  • Maintain a free platform for  fair and objective voices

Instructions to contributors

The content of the blog shall be free, fair and objective. The content shall be in confirmity with the constitutional spirit. The form of content may be articles, opinions, views, experiences, reviews, interviews, interactive sessions, thought provoking reflections or stories, substantiated empirical findings, pictorial depictions, videos or any other creative effort.

Editorial Board


Founder Editor

Prof. N. Nirmala (Rtd.)

                                 M.L. Phd.

Profile Pic.jpg

Digital Editor

Naresh Kumar M

                  BCom,  LLB, MA English Lit.


Associate Editor

Prof. V. Rajyalakshmi (Rtd.)

                                 M.L. Phd.


Assistant Editor

Dr. B. Neelima

                      Bcom, LLM, Phd

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